Chuua in his Wizbit form
Favorite Number 9000
Sex? Male
Species? Unknown species of snake/dugong hybrid
Other Information
Can into space? No
Favorite food? Lettuce and seeweed
Theme song?

Chuua (also known as DeviantSerpent, Senpai or Ur Mom's Second Husbo) is a snake/dugong hybrid thing who plays videeyah games. It is unknown who he is or what he is, all we know is he looks like a snake/dugong hybrid thing but we're not sure.


He was born somewhere near the North Pole. This explains his interest in blowing up elves and fat people. He is currently married to the Bear in the Big Blue House, and has been since 1999.


He looks like a dugong (totes not a dewgong) with fangs and a very slim body, closely resembling that of a snake. He is of the color cyan but sometimes is seen as a red-orange color. Nobody knows why this is.

He is known to randomly transform into a Wizbit out of nowhere. Scientists are still baffled by this, and believe it may be an explanation for the lack of Oreo cookies in their laboratories.

Known aliasesEdit

  • Roxy; Close relative
  • Yumetaro; Getaway driver
  • Perry; Getaway driver when one is not enough
  • Elebizzyboi; Getaway driver when numbers don't matter
  • Flambro; Assistant Oreo-cookie thief


  • He is the only known individual of snake/dugong hybrid currently alive.