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Elebizzyboi is a user that frequently visits the Adventure Time Wiki. He also makes a lot of jokes no one likes frequently, despite the repetitive complaints of users saying the jokes are of a poor quality. He has a fantasy species which combines elephants and bees. These are called "elebees."


Favorite Number 69, 420, and other MLG numbers.
Sex? Male and single. ;} whoops
Species? Elebee/Human
Other Information
Can into space? I can indeed space... well in my dreams at least.
Favorite food? Pizza
Theme song? Darude Sandstorm, Green Pastures, Mind Heist. All MLG parody songs, basically.

Elebees are essentially as I just described an elephant and a bee. They were a cult that didn't last very long, and Elebizzyboi is the only remaining elebee as of yet. There is yet to be evidence of any remaining elebees left in the world, although people have made multiple statues, they are rare. And most do not pertain to the designs of elebees at all. There are different subspecies of elebees, however. One rare genetic mishap led to an bee with an elephant's head. And another had a elephant body, with an extremely big bee head. The elebees came about from a group of scientists trying to cross breed species that are unalike. From this, they have made multiple species as aforementioned. Elebees reproduce via vomiting jars, as it is the equivalent of an egg. The only difference is that it is silky looking, and very hard. It looks like a honey jar, in which one can open to see the fetus. Opening too early can result in mutation, although this only happens if you let them out of the jar.

Personality and LookEdit

Elebizzyboi's general personality is quirky, and despicable. Loves computer related things. Brown hair, tall, hazel eyes, and curly hair. The main reason Elebizzyboi is despicable, is as before stated, he makes jokes of a poor quality, or has a sense of humor that no one is up to par with. His jokes are intending to make people laugh, but it is not doing as intended. He is described as annoying at times, for the same reason. Mainly the source of this hatred derives from his humor that seems off color, or an inside joke. Real life people that he lives with describe him as smart and lazy. Laziness comes from the fact that Elebizzyboi tends to do things lazily, probably from a lack of sleep, or generally just not willing to complete whatever he is doing.

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