Kirby B. Kirbster
Kirby Kirby's Return to Dream Land
The evil psychopath himself.
Vital statistics
Position Psychotic Killer
Age 21 (upon death)
Status Presumed to be dead.
Physical attributes
Height 8 in.
Weight  ???
Kirby B. Kirbster is a pink psychotic marshmellow who is known to eat people alive and wear their skinned hides for his hungry quest for power. Usually smoking whatever white drug he can find.

Early LifeEdit

Kirby was born April 27, 1992 to a marshmellow (Ellise Kirbster) and a pink, chewed-up, gum wad (Reginald B. Kirbster). His parents were so fucking confused that what came out of the bed was a weird ball of whatever the fuck Kirby is made of. In fact, they were so fucking confused that they abused the poor child. Often neglecting him and underfeeding him.