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"Lose the ooze!"
Favorite Number 1979
Sex? Male
Species? Secretly a dog
Other Information
Can into space? Yes
Favorite food? Spaghetti
Theme song?

Yumetaro is a cool guy, like super cool. His coolness is off the charts cool. 


Yume was birthed somewhere off of the northern coast of Svalbard, where he learned cool lessons from a Polar Bear named Cool Guy. At the solemn age of 2, he moved to Tychy, Poland where he got a job uncovering numbers stations for the Polish government. After 8 days on the job, he got too creeped out over it, so he went to the United States to make video games. Too bad he is too lazy, as he never finished making a single video game. As of now, he lives in his own micronation, Yandula , where he keeps on being mad because the "N" key keeps falling off of his laptop's keyboard.


No one knows what Yume looks like, people think that he is a black border collie with glasses. Even though that's odd, because dogs can't wear glasses.

Is Yume secretly a dog?Edit

Multiple chat logs and voice recordings led to the assumption Yumetaro is a dog, but it's probably nothing more that pure fiction.


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  • Yume was persumed to be born somewhere around 1998-2002, there are also theories that Yume could've been born in 1979, which ever year number looks the nicest.
  • Yume is also into urban exploration.
  • Yume is a member of the Green Party .
  • Yume likes Polandball .
  • Yume is one of Roxy's highest ranking BAEs.
  • The name Yumetaro or (ゆめたろー) is Japanese for "dreamer", apparently, this isn't the origin for Yume's name, it actually comes from this .